A Room with a View!

When C.H.I. designed Accents Images, they started with a blank slate. That gave them the freedom to create something entirely different, something like you’ve never seen before. A garage door where everything you see is as vivid and detailed as your imagination. And as you begin to look at Accents Images the world around you seems to disappear, and before you know it you’ve lost yourself in this big, beautiful display.

Where will your imagination take you?


Click here and let your imagination take over! C.H.I. Accents Images

Accents Images are available in four categories: Destinations, Patriotic, Patterns and Sportsman. Each selected for their brilliant displays.

C.H.I.’s Accents Images areĀ available for interior and exterior applicationĀ – exterior application is limited to flush panel design. Ask your estimator for more details!

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