Garage Door Operator Services & Repair

We offer service and repair of the following items regarding automatic garage door openers:

  • Wall-button
  • Exterior keypad
  • Trolley
  • Rail replacement
  • Safety eyes/sensors
  • Circuit Board
  • J-arm
  • Deluxe operator bracket
  • Capacitor
  • Wiring
  • Hand-held remote controls
  • Programmingresidential-garage-door-opener-repair


Common Issues with Automatic Openers:
  • Automatic opener chain sagging.
  • Trolley breakage/stripped.
  • J-arm pulling loose from top panel of garage door.
  • Gear and sprocket assembly stripped.
  • Safety sensors obstruction, un-alignment or broken. More information can be found on our DIY link under “Services” tab.
  • Wall button not functioning properly.
  • Exterior key-pad not functioning properly.
  • Automatic opener disengaged.









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San Bernardino County
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Orange County

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