An individual’s time is valuable, and we here at All American Door Company would like to thank our customers for taking a moment to leave a review on Yelp regarding our service.

Please do not be discouraged regarding Yelp’s “review” filtering process.

We are informed by¬†Yelp that they utilize a particular software that filters through reviews removing a select few to a lower page section labeled: “reviews that are not currently recommended” – this is Yelp’s way to filter out what “they” feel is not helpful to the business receiving the review.

We disagree – All American Door Company feels that our customer’s time should always be validated and not discarded; unfortunately, we are unable to change their filtering process.

Yelp is a great tool that our staff utilizes to gain insight into our company’s operations – making the necessary changes to provide exceptional service!

Please keep those Yelp reviews coming!


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